Flying to Washington

08/09/04 Can it be I’m a man of the world Flitting hither and thither and there So embued with my flag not unfurled And no country can count me to care But care with my soul I do true For humanity shackled by those Not deserving the red, white and blue Be it Britain, the … Continue reading

The Train Conductor

12/20/01 I noticed again on a trin on a train That our driver was reading a book And I wondered again on a trip on a train What if he needed to look? If a person ran out with a cry and a shout How could he see them in time If he split them … Continue reading

Dancing Precariously

Idealistic women dance precariously Each pirouet pleading to be proven On this heated evening blood warmed Men strut, heels hardened striking wood Chest proud like some SS commanders fist Punching the air with arid arrogance Moorish sounds cried through bulging lips Oh if it were possible, physical love lavished Beautiful bodies ravaged and longing to … Continue reading

Off in the Distance ‘cross the Span of the Bay

Off in the distance ‘cross the span of the bay, Over the hills at the start of this day, After the night blessed with rain from those skies, Those skies bearing clouds such a sight for sore eyes, Grey turned to white then a segue to blue, Such a vista I see as I think … Continue reading

The Bay Horse

03/20/11 The bay horse surveying all with a sideways glance Intent yet somehow mildly askance The bay horse Like a sentient unicorn, white grey in the afternoon light, undeniably still in the dead of the night The bay horse A bay horse standing straight and tall, imperious and impervious, bay horse overlooking this bay We … Continue reading

Man of the World

04/26/01 It speaks to the worth of a man of the world To sit with humanity whole Though bothered a pictured This man of the world Is at peace in his heart And his soul Back in the sixties this man of the world Stood firm with belief in his right Not to kill and … Continue reading

A Club Way up North

02/08/02 Back in the 60’s music flowed forth From a couple of decks in a club way up north And a DJ called Mike danced a crown or 2,000 Night after night like climbing a mountain And the music was good, rocking and reeling Pouring out soul, dancing with feeling And the faces came round, … Continue reading

Love, My Own Way

05/29/04 Life is mysterious, capricious and full Of things not expected nor sought If we can find love just once: life is full Yet for many true love comes to nought So how can it be that my life still fills up That the cascade of loving lives on But for others who love me … Continue reading

The Respect of a Man

My fingers understand their place In a gentleness formed on the fondness of face In a melding and motion never meant out of place My fingers understand their prescient place Because in my hands the respect of a man Never wrong in my thoughts, just respect of a man Ding all that he thinks and … Continue reading

Malleable Tempo

Tranfixed by imovability Bereft of a capability Silenced as if struck dumb Whirled till my limbs become weighted then pinioned hard Senses In this ode to a malleable tempo We shall whirl a somnabulist tango Waltz the danube azured pirouet With the gesar of ling in Tibet As we salsa our Latinesque way From Miami … Continue reading