The Sounds of Love

The sounds of love in that time of loving, A breathing, a sighing, a rustling of linen, buttons slowly loosed’ So mildly acted out in the beginning warmth, Movements slow, exploring, probing, Skins, low and long but not silent, Gentle movements of fingers within fingers; entwined, Each has it’s own sound, an instrument in this … Continue reading

Torrid Tango

07/24/06 Past this thin veil of innuendos In the air that exists in between Two people enmeshed in crescendo Of emotions unspoken unseen In almost a touch so forbidden In almost suggesting a time In almost a loving ungiven An almost magnificent mime With barely the strength to contain All passions pervading within In heart … Continue reading

Love, My Own Way

05/29/04 Life is mysterious, capricious and full Of things not expected nor sought If we can find love just once: life is full Yet for many true love comes to nought So how can it be that my life still fills up That the cascade of loving lives on But for others who love me … Continue reading

It is Writ in the Lines of the Joy on my Face.

And it came to me sitting ensconced and enthralled, By the light of the late afternoon on these walls, By the vivid red glow from my latest attempt, To paint all my passion from a spirit not spent, For in my long life there are three who held sway, Whom I truly adored in my … Continue reading