The Sounds of Love

The sounds of love in that time of loving,
A breathing, a sighing, a rustling of linen, buttons slowly loosed’
So mildly acted out in the beginning warmth,
Movements slow, exploring, probing,
Skins, low and long but not silent,
Gentle movements of fingers within fingers; entwined,
Each has it’s own sound, an instrument in this voluptuous masterpiece,
Cheeks warming to a dull glow, brushing, rough and soft peach,
Lips moistened in readiness for a meeting,
The scents of each hanging in stilled air,
Lips closer after eyes intent, limpid pools of infinite depth,
Lips touched brushing each other, tasting that sweet essence,
In both, blood warms, soft mounds accepting rough hands,
The hard edges of he encountering open soft warmth,
Their breathing intensifies through flared nostrils the kiss deepens,
Each wanting to taste everything, again and again,
Tongues tied in the language of love and loving,
The final union as they become one and essences combine as a nectar of humanity,
Then all falls silent ‘cept for calmed breath on scented sighs.


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