Not Here

SFO 09/14/00

Don’t die, not here, not now
Don’t die
Although it seems the world is wretched
Right here, right now, don’t die

We cling to places strangely hoping
Blindly clutching, grasping, groping
But roses grasped lie sadly crushed
And life is wasted, lost if rushed

Don’t die, right here, right now

Don’t die, right here, not here
Don’t die
Fight the hopelessness you’re feeling
And please don’t die right here,
Don’t die

Whatever devil grips your soul
Remember this is just a hole
In roads sublimely built
So hear me now
Don’t die right now
Not here in fear, don’t die

Don’t let the mocking leer of fools
Destroy your spirit, break your rules
Don’t die right now in pain
Lift your life, destroy your strife
And damn your devils here
And you will live in life not death –
In love and not in fear


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