Blues, greens, blacks and scenes
Of hazy floating clouds
Peaceful roars of wings
That soar above the maddening crowds
So very much of what I do
Is spent above the earth
It gives me time to write
And think of what our lives are worth
For looking down I see a planet
Little changed changed in years
In years of humans, teeming ants
With laughter and with tears
I see a canyon vast and deep
Where time is depths of stone
I see a coppered Lady Stern
And standing all alone
I see and ocean eating sand
On beaches way below
My faulted life, my growing worth
My intellect I know
That love is all and love is now
And love is everything
That happiness a gift to give
To every living thing
Fills up my cup of living life
With warm and flowing wine
I care for insects and birds
And all I see for it is mine
For my short term upon this Earth
I learn more day by day
To help the ones I truly love
And love the livelong day
To bring a smile to all I can
Because it feels so good
Much better than to sit in anger
Silently to broad
Blues, greens, blacks and scenes
A city way below
And soon the love of my life, my wife
I’ll be with you below


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