Off in the Distance ‘cross the Span of the Bay

Off in the distance ‘cross the span of the bay,
Over the hills at the start of this day,
After the night blessed with rain from those skies,
Those skies bearing clouds such a sight for sore eyes,
Grey turned to white then a segue to blue,
Such a vista I see as I think so of you,
You who gave birth to my children of worth,
Whom we both raised with love from that day of their birth,
You who accepted a man from the skies,
And gave him a life filled with loving surmised,
And you who saw value in the paint on my canvas,
And we cast as two spoons made to be yet alas,
Then the you who brought health to my body and music,
Listened hour upon hour of my life, how I used it,
I loved all of you so, you are still in my heart,
Please remember me sometimes even though we’re apart,
And back now I gaze cross the span of the bay,
To that blue’d white Bon vista tinged with some grey.


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