Man of the World


It speaks to the worth of a man of the world
To sit with humanity whole
Though bothered a pictured
This man of the world
Is at peace in his heart
And his soul
Back in the sixties this man of the world
Stood firm with belief in his right
Not to kill and to maim
And rain fire on the world
And no doubt he was totally right
So in payment for this, this great government,free
Cruelly took what was not theirs to take
And once again history broken not free
Had rewritten a hideous mistake
So just like a phoenix, this man of the world
Rose time and again from the ashes
And right in the face of the flags yet unfurled
Showed his spirit in brilliant flashes
And now with no bitterness and standing tall, free
Should inspire all the colors and creeds
For humility radiant Mohammed Ali
Is a light in this world full of greed


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