Love, My Own Way


Life is mysterious, capricious and full
Of things not expected nor sought
If we can find love just once: life is full
Yet for many true love comes to nought

So how can it be that my life still fills up
That the cascade of loving lives on
But for others who love me such a poisonous cup
What in truth can they do when I’m gone

What lives in my soul never stiving to hurt
Yet for time after time falls the sword
Believe me who reads I don’t want to subvert
And in speaking of love mark my word

For I have been loved and continue to be
By such ladies in truth and with fire
And I never seek other, never try to break free
Never bend to a lust or desire

But my years and my travels in innocent ways
Have brought wonderful women anon
Never seeking to hold to the end of my days
Yet perhaps it is time I was gone

For how can I hurt I implore you believe
That is far from the life that is me
And to those whom I brought just a needing to grieve
All the sorrow pours out from that me

For I never set out to so cruelly hurt
Is there no other side to my life
Am I nothing but cad bringing nothing but hurt
To my children, my friends and my wife

Was tere never a time I implore you to say
That some happiness came from we two
If I leave I too hurt in a myriad of ways
Please don’t doubt in my way I loved you


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