Cluster Bombs Inside a Dove

Jacob’s ladder in the light
An eerie journey straight and true
Stations packed with nothing bright
Just body shells like me and you

Is chaos lying just below
Below this picture flying by
In homes of dreams or nightmares slow
With withered stares and stifled cries

I asked a question deafly heard
No not today, some days ago
Why lemming like with glee absurd
We worship those who come and go

Who lie and steal ‘neath laughing hands
For centuries and eons long
With ruptured strings and leering bands
With music mired we sing their song

So many times I write these words
So strongly felt, so aching me
Read history of truth observes
Such cruelty and pain to see

Not long ago, still here today
In whiteness deftly colored so
If someone wrote, could someone pay
Yet we will reap that which we sow

How can it be that we squander time
We bomb for peace and ask for love
I cannot for one point in time
See cluster bombs inside a dove

Just stop and think not shout and brag
As children shred and burn and cry
As people fall you kiss the flag
With media pomp and Bush’s lies

For slyly in the recent past
This USA that Britain great
Provided that which caused the blast
For dollar pounds and oh too late

They reigned Saddam, a mustang wild
A fox with Reynard’s cunning coy
Such rampant evil so reviled
Yet friend at once to man and boy

The father son all in a rush
As soldiers died on left and right
We stood before the burning bush
And died to live the losing fight

But this was just another time
When following in blinded walk
And history shall mark the crime
In books we weighed down with useless talk

The shout must come and none too soon
The wrenching wrong must be reversed
We can’t go on as tyrants’ tool
It’s time that they, not us, are cursed

Read in the past and 1000’s on
How followers have been denied
We need a ghandi rest begone
A leader with leaders’ eyes

Yet body shells like me and you
Seduced by greens bereft of thought
Seem unprepared to start anew
I simply write and simply bought

But slowly, deftly, times will change
As aztecs fell with fall no more
And slavery lies, loud, estranged
And freedom knocks upon their door

So head be taken leaders lost
The seeds you sow with tendrils strong
Will grow to see you bear the cost
Will sap your evil, right your wrong

I’ll end this verse, curtail my words
So often said in times gone by
Within my life I’ve seen those birds
Wing liberty in clearing skies


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