Let the death of Samantha mark this.


What evil exists within men
That can cause them again and again
To violate ladies and girls
You bastards to violate girls
A child is no longer alive
With an age not one year over five
And a family screaming in pain
For the evil existing in men
I cry to my soul “What is this?
What incarnate can perpetrate this?”
If the devil exists he is here
And all parents with child are in fear
I rarely feel hatred within
With no tongue adequate to begin
To speak of my feelings this time
For this blasphemy way beyond crime
And my call going out to all men:
No more raping or groping again
For you’re casting aside Mother Earth
For a woman had cause to give birth
To the root and the truth of your life,
stop your evil pay respect to the lives
of all women and ladies and girls
Grasp the lust deep inside you that whirls
Like a dervish around in your loin
Burning fires deep with your groin
For this evil resides in the men
Never ladies just deep within men.

I see it each day as I ride
The leering the touching the snide
The talking of sexual wrongs
That blaring of bestial songs
Stop if you think me a prude
It’s simply I’m not ever crude
Nor ever not ever have I
Caused a lady to anguish and cry
From the brunt of a sexual crime
For I love with the span of my time
To men I implore you to see
For your mothers and sisters to see
For your daughters stop here on this day
You’re selling existence away
Brutally savagely breaking
Not giving of life crassly taking
And lust of itself has no end
It’s empty and tortuous friend
For those who have never made love
I can tell you it rises above
All the physical hit you can take
So I challenge you all you rakes
Find someone whom you learn to respect
Not someone just for sex and neglect
Cherish that person so true
And building that loving for you.
Your spirit will fly like a bird
And loving will follow your word
Your word not ever to abuse
Your word not a fashion, a ruse
Believe me the feeling that comes
From a loving so true overcomes
All the emptiness there in your heart
Once again here’s a challenge to start
To throw out the evil of men
Abusing our women these men
Let the death of Samantha mark this
That’s enough of the bite and the hiss
That’s enough of your sexual wrongs
Cherish ladies and girls from now on
Or suffer your torture alone
As a prisoner stagnant and prone.


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