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    I am a world traveler, currently located in Waiheke Island. This is one of three websites for my three alter-ego's. The other two are, for my art http://www.donmigueltheabsurd.com/ and for my music collaboration http://co-opera.bandcamp.com/.

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Mask of Suffering

05/07/02 With a spike through my lip I look angry and hip With tattoos on my arm I can spread wide alarm And with black and with white I look ready to fight But inside I so hurt So to those so alert I plead here in my silence Pull me out of this violence … Continue reading

The Life of a Bard

06/14/02 Success is a curious thing And defining it’s meaning is hard When I think of my life having Money of nought, it’s living the life of a bard That makes me feel greatest inside To pen out a poem in time That has meaning and feeling to me With convolute whimsical rhyme So read … Continue reading

Not Here

SFO 09/14/00 Don’t die, not here, not now Don’t die Although it seems the world is wretched Right here, right now, don’t die We cling to places strangely hoping Blindly clutching, grasping, groping But roses grasped lie sadly crushed And life is wasted, lost if rushed Don’t die, right here, right now Don’t die, right … Continue reading


Blues, greens, blacks and scenes Of hazy floating clouds Peaceful roars of wings That soar above the maddening crowds So very much of what I do Is spent above the earth It gives me time to write And think of what our lives are worth For looking down I see a planet Little changed changed … Continue reading

Worst of the Earth

08/01/06 In my time through my life I have seen many things Some with good, some with strife Seen the joy that love brings Watched the world turn and turn Felt the warmth of the sun Watched the world burn and burn At the point of a gun And now as we stand At the … Continue reading

Torrid Tango

07/24/06 Past this thin veil of innuendos In the air that exists in between Two people enmeshed in crescendo Of emotions unspoken unseen In almost a touch so forbidden In almost suggesting a time In almost a loving ungiven An almost magnificent mime With barely the strength to contain All passions pervading within In heart … Continue reading

Nonsense and Literature

09/23/02 Where is the line in the sand Where beauty and ugliness stand Where genius and madness sit So close yet so far, where is it? And more to my point, where am I? As my line on the paper they fly How much of my prose and my verse Is worth it and how … Continue reading

Refugio State Beach

A run for an older man The morning the surf and the sea A method inordinate plan In solo with me and with me Treading the water soiled sand Weeded from surf tips to road Mist floating over the land A life and a will and a mode So perfect time of this day Early … Continue reading

Leaving Chicago

12/09/04 I have agonized so in this country I joined From my England so cold and so damp I am faulted and flawed and in someways conjoined With the caring the love and the camp Getting tired of directness well rudgness to me Getting tired of pursuing the dollar It is time for rennaisance it … Continue reading

Flying to Washington

08/09/04 Can it be I’m a man of the world Flitting hither and thither and there So embued with my flag not unfurled And no country can count me to care But care with my soul I do true For humanity shackled by those Not deserving the red, white and blue Be it Britain, the … Continue reading